Sold the LS!


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May 11, 2005
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The Wild West
I sold the Lincoln today. So I no longer need to sell the senta rims. There was no way I could pass up this oppurtunity to unload LS for the cash I was offered. It kinda happened by accident, joking about selling my car and they just happen to be looking for a car after running into some money. I will miss it as the car never gave me any problems. I still have the stock chrome 5 spoke wheels wrapped in BFG 235/45's Traction T/A's with about 75 percent of the tread left sitting in my garage. I also have inner and outer valve cover gaskets, upper and lower intake gaskets, pcv hose and motorcraft platinum spark plugs still in the ford packaging.

Thanks for all the help with the LS over the past 4 years guys.
Wheels went with it. I still have to stockers though. I am not going to replace it with anything at the moment. I have another car and a motorcycle (in the paint shop), so I am not strapped for wheels. I didn't really drive it much, only put 16k miles on it in 5 years (it was in storage for 3 of those).
I think the last post was asking if you were keeping the Stock wheels or selling them. Well that sucks, another LS gone :(
Well, I really don't have a use for them :) and they don't have a whole lot of other applications.
MAN! well atleast you sold the wheels with it.
Wow man. After all that when i come back thing you sold it? Good that you got a good deal on it.
Yeah, I have thought about getting an 06 but the aftermarket is killing those dreams. I have my motorcycle sucking up most of my money right now so not sure what I am going to do. The bad part is I sold it to my nieghbor so I see the damn thing everyday!
That must suck. Seeing your baby being driven by someone else. GO 06, Go 06. It's calling you

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