Sold my LS- Bought an MKX


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Jan 11, 2008
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After three sets of coils, new in tank fuel pump and relay, new drivers door latch,new drivers seat frame and motors, I gave up.
I did all the repairs myself, I hate to think what it would have cost at any dealership.
Without a doubt, when it was running right it was the sweetest driver I ever had!
How much did you sell it for. I'm thinking of trading up myself but don't have the nuts right now,lol, to pull the trigger on the Ls.
Those problems aren't that bad. 3 coils only is nothing, but yeah I understand how things getts when she breaks down on you. How do you like your new ride?
How do you like the MKX? I almost bought a used one yesterday but decided to wait a little while longer and pay off some bills. I am planning on keeping the LS and let that be my vehicle for a while.
Idk what the inside is like but I hate the mkx/ford edge body. GL w/ the new car
the MKX and Edge are the closest thing to a minivan nowadays. They may be called crossovers but that's just hiding the name minivan because if they called them "minivans", only soccer moms would buy them....or poor ppl would buy them used.
good for you man i hope you like it i thought about doing the same with my mark but im gonna wait and think about it more and more and more and......more any way lol.

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