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Oct 21, 2008
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Just to keep you guys posted. I just sold my ls today. I found the right buyer for the car, $11700 cash. Like I said I wasn't trying to appeal to the "masses" just trying to find that one special buyer out there.
Glad you sold it! Did you tell them to join here?
wow good for you...hope she went to a good home.

there was also another member here who sold his clean gen I lse (with Zeus wheels) for around $12K. I wonder if its a rareness thing or just buyer ignorance.
Congrats on the sale! any plans for a future car or just trying to make space?
Congrats on the sale! any plans for a future car or just trying to make space?

Not sure yet. I might be looking into an F150. Something that I will drive in all kinds of weather without worrying about. My LSE was just too nice to destroy.
From the sound of it the guy who bought it was making plans also of keeping it out of any snow storms.
Just an update..... I sold my LSE over 4 years ago, I really loved that car so much so I didn't want to drive it to much so it would stay looking pristine. Well my son ran across a LSE that looked similar to my old Lincoln recently and to his surprise it was my old car! My son started asking the guy questions and OMG this was the same guy that bought the car from me. Unfortunately my son said the car looked like he**! There was a hole in the front fascia , a big dent in the side rear door , bumper stickers on the rear end and the interior looked like a kids playpen!!!!! I felt terrible when hearing this story! I kept that thing in showroom condition and now it looks like a piece of junk...... AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I would of been better off not knowing this information. All that work and sacrifice to keep it beautiful for what , So some guy can buy an almost new looking car for a fraction of the price and then trash it. I know it's not my car anymore but I really miss driving her around. It was one of my all time favorite cars that iv'e had the pleasure to own.
Im just so sad to hear that her destiny turned out this way. I thought you guys could appreciate this story. Enjoy your cars while you can. Not everyone loves the LS as much as we do or should I say did.
That's too bad!

I found my old '00 sport in LKQ here last year. That was sad to see with all the time I has spent on it, totally thrashed.

On the upside I had a'70 Pontiac Bonneville convertible that was just a fun summer cruiser with the top down. Fun but needed a restoration. The lady I sold it too ended up doing just that! Floors, quarter panels and all rust was replaced, paint, leather interior, new top and all, was a totally new car...That was good to see!

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