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Oct 14, 2005
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I know this should be in the performance section but I dont want to clutter that forum with simple things. I have a 95 LSC with exhuast, conical intake set up with all air silencers removed and holes fiberglassed off, so I guess a cold air intake, and msd ignition, coil packs and super conductor wires, I have a tuner on the way should be here friday, what are the best specs to punch in this thing? At wot as it is I only gun it with od off and 1-2 is at 55 mph usually chirps tires, lol, 2-3 is around 80-90? its been a while, lol. what should I set these points to plus the rpms? If it helps the rear end is the stock gearing I think 3.27. Just trying to tune it to its best petential. Also what should I set the 3-4 shift point to even though my car never sees 4th becuase I allways shut od off at wot, that confuses me a little.
Your second gear should be at 95 mph or so. Stock the Mark VIIIs came with 3.08s or 3.07s(can't remember which one it was). I think all you do is, set the gear change at like 6,200 RPM and at ever gear it will change at that RPM. You don't need to do it for every gear.
So all I do Is set the rpm to 6500 and It does so for all gears, sounds good, thanks. Before the tune Im throwing in a B&M shift kit and would like a tranny cooler, what size tranny cooler should I put in?
The LSC's came stock with 3.27 gears. Don't use a B&M shift kit, they are crap for our transmissions. Get a pre drilled J-modded separator plate from
Looks like Im gonna go with that blue oval shift kit, thanks alot for directing me to that site, I think I might get that lightning Maf. Two questions about the Maf though, y is the 90mm cheaper then the 80mm and if I by either 1 will I have to buy a adapter for the electric connection to the maf?

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