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    Jan 25, 2006
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    I have:
    SCT chips (works on 93-95 Mark VIII) for $269.99
    SCT Xcal3 p/n 3000 (works on 96-98 Mark VIiI & all LS) for $379.99
    SCT iTSX (works on 96-98 Mark VIiI & all LS) for $489.99
    SCT Livewire TS (works on 96-98 Mark VIiI & all LS) for $599.99

    Some of you know my personal Mark VIII:
    (pic is wrong. Its a "1996" NOT "94")

    I can Custom Tune ALL FORD Gas & Diesel vehicles using SCT Products
    **I also fill nitrous bottles, and sell MANY Performance Products!**

    Chassis Dyno Services (w/ a eddy current-Loaded dyno) Coming SOON!

    I have actual training in EFI & Diesel Tuning. I am CERTIFIED by the Industry leaders in Custom tuning!!

    -Don't be fooled into letting just ANYONE tune YOUR vehicle!
    When you look at any service oriented business such as Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers, or even Auto Mechanics, there is always some governing body which serves the public by ensuring that someone who wishes to practice in the field is qualified to do so. There is always a logical process of education and clearly defined steps toward becoming certified in that field.
    That holds true for every industry except the high performance engine tuning industry!
    No experience necessary, no prior knowledge...just buy a dyno, do some searching on the internet, or read a few books on tuning and suddenly "POOF" another tuner open for business!
    -Ask you "Tuner" what credentials they have? What makes them capable of tuning YOUR vehicle? Why should you take your very expensive engine/vehicle to an unknown "Professional Tuner" without knowing their credentials?

    LSXkilr Custom Calibrations

    Visit & "Like" my page:

    You also can find "LSXkilr Custom Calibrations" on SCT's website under the "dealer search". We are located in Lawrence, KS

    If you go to my page under the "ABOUT" section I have all my prices listed there.
    Or click here:




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