Road rage triumph!


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Mar 23, 2012
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Tampa Bay
A few days ago my woman and I were riding down the avenue minding our own business. I was admiring a C5 Corvette with an awesome sounding exhaust. This was a wide 4 lane with center turning lanes. Suddenly, this idiot in a Mazda 3 Mazdaspeed hatchback decides to pass us on the right and cut me off to squeeze between me and the car in the right lane just ahead. He missed taking my hood off by inches! I slammed on the brakes while honking the horn. The idiot flipped me the bird! I looked at my woman and said "What the hell!" So, I hit the gas, caught up to him, and hit the high beams. Then, he brake checks me! I honk again and he motions out the window like someone jerking off. Then he motions again with both hands. I go to pass him on the right and he tries to run into me. I crossover behind him and accelerate up on his left. He then tries to push me over and brake checks again. While my woman is screaming, I get on his door and look over at him then start pulling away which leads him to try to run with me. This all happens at 40-50 mph. He tries to come over on me again and I just bury the pedal to get away. I run up to 120 mph down the center turn lane by which time I am about a 1/4 mile ahead. I slow down as we're coming to a stop light. I was waiting for him to come along side but he turns into a parking lot to shortcut the light. The guy in the Corvette pulls up and I throw up my hand and roll down the window. He says "That was really impressive!" He said he knew I had to be in my 40's because a young guy wouldn't have run down the middle like that. I said "I don't know what that guy was thinking trying to challenge me like that." Ha! I don't know what I was thinking accepting the challenge!

So, now there is one idiot in a Mazdaspeed that might think twice before rolling up on an LS V8 again. Lincoln LS - 1 Mazdaspeed - 0 ! View attachment 828467769
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most likely a damn ricer , I have had my many share of encounters here in Chicago with them , glad to hear you didnt let them bully you around
Wow, sounds intense. Sounds like something from a movie haha

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