Reposting these parts here for more visibility before I list them on Ebay.

Forgive me if these are stupid questions, but I'm guessing that is where you get special tunes, is there a place where you can get the cable?
Its just a USB type A to USB type B, like almost any standard printer. Nothing special about the cable.
Then you very likely did not check original pricing. Chris is offering up this unit at a very reasonable price, it's current status is unmarried to any car which means it's a fully functional device. You'd need tunes to load though and those are not free. Cable is peanuts as he already said.

Google search Torrie tunes for more info
I am sure it is a reasonable price, just not something I need at the moment. Trying to stay on a budget here, paying for college and all.
dang, that deal is getting hotter and hotter...

if I didn't specifically want a Cobb AP for the daily driver, I'd be all over that!
Trooper Chris on the Donor Cycle :eek:


Just be careful ... it's not you, it's others around you.
You'll have to fight the ebay auction now. It was on this site alone for a week with no interest.
I won the tuner on ebay! Anybody still have torries contact information so i can get some tunes?

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