Replaced my EVAP tray today...


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May 9, 2004
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Columbia, SC
I've been trying to take pics of everything I do to my car lately, just in case it can help someone out in the future...

A while ago, I found a near-perfect EVAP tray at the junkyard. Even though it was almost perfect, I was taking a bunch of stuff to get powdercoated, and decided to throw the tray in with everything else.

Here's how it turned out...



First you take a look at it from underneath the car. Should have taken pics of this, but forgot...
There's a solenoid at the very rear of the tray and you can see the plug for it right there. Unplug the solenoid first.

Next, you should see a hose coming out the driver side to the frame. Pull that hose out of the frame.

After that, you'll see two hoses coming out the passenger side. Disconnect those about a foot's length out where they attach to some metal tubing. This was kinda hard as the hoses were disintegrating and turning everything black. I ended up replacing the hoses cuz the originals were BAD...

Here's where the pictures start. Now, you can remove the 4 8mm bolts, 2 front, 2 rear. Drop the tray down to the ground...


The 2 canisters are held in by being squeezed by the side of the tray. You can see in these pictures that I used a screwdriver to pry it loose. Theres a tab on the bottom that slides into a slot to hold it tight at the other end (not pictured)...



Here, you can see the tray without the canisters in it. You can also see the slots where the tabs hold on the bottom. There's a plastic loop that holds the solenoid still that just mounts to the tray with a "christmas tree" type push pin that I had to reuse on the new tray. You can see it in this picture too... (Your's may or may not have come with a leaf in it :p;) )


Here's the new tray with the canisters and stuff next to it. Here you can see the 2 new hoses on the right side. One is smaller than the other. I used 7/16" and 1/2" hoses about a foot long. The other hoses were still in great shape. You can also see the hose on the left that "plugs into" the frame...


The canisters installed in the tray. I wanted to clean them up some, but was in a time crunch, as I had to take the car to drop off at the body shop to get some recently repainted panels wet-sanded...


Undercar shot with the tray installed. Don't mind the leaking differential, that's getting replaced VERY soon...

There's a guy on LOD that already claimed it a few weeks ago. I PM'd him to see if he still needs it. I'll let you know if he changes his mind.
Dude, that looks sooo nice. I have a spare I need to get done and mounted. You just inspired me.
The one that came with my car literally fell apart when I removed it in 07. Rigged up a little sumtin sumtin to keep the canisters in place till I got a very clean rust free one this year..Waited way to long but Gman practiclly gave it to me. I did bend a little by where the hoses went though. But this is what it looked like. YUCK...


98linc, mine looks good but not that good. Awesome job!
Yeah mine was in terrible shape too:


And replaced with:


Still waiting on a replacement for the bracket from a certain member here. :p
Very nice. Sometimes its the little hidden stuff that rewards the most. :)
Damn, some of those pans are NASTY!! I'm glad neither of mine are/were to that point!

Marc, was that a brand new pan, or was it resurrected and powdercoated like my new one?
I was lucky to find this pan before the junkyard guys got a chance to fukk it up...

Normally, when they set the cars out in the lot, they set them up on "stilts" made from old steel wheels. For some reason, they always set the 97-98 Mark VIII's right on that tray....

I don't even want to think about how many of these trays that I've seen that were in as good of shape as this one was, but were all fukked up cuz the weight of the car was sitting on it...
Damn, some of those pans are NASTY!! I'm glad neither of mine are/were to that point!

Marc, was that a brand new pan, or was it resurrected and powdercoated like my new one?

Bought a rust-free one on ebay and had it powdercoated.
Sell old one?

Sold to the other guy. He sent me money last week, and I forgot to update you. Sorry!

I just picked up another one last week that I'll have to put a little work into. I'll let you know how it turns out.

On a side note, my old one, stripped, blasted, and powdercoated matte black...


why would you replace something that doesnt need replaced? You could have gotten literally YEARS more out of that before replacing.
why would you replace something that doesnt need replaced? You could have gotten literally YEARS more out of that before replacing.

Me? Cuz I can. Good enough reason as any other.

Why replace the stock wheels with 18's? Then....why replace those with 20's? I'm sure you had many years left in those wheels.... :rolleyes:

I found one better than I had (nearly perfect, with zero rust), so I powdercoated it and traded it out. Got the old one powdercoated too, and it's getting put on an LOD members car. Since it's now been refinished, It'll provide years more than it would have before, untouched. Why wait til it's all corroded, and falling apart, if I don't have to? In my situation, it'd be foolish not to....
what happened? you saw mine with rust on it and decided to paint yours, now i have too,thanks.when i get the rear done ill do it.

Lol, no. I've had that tray for almost a year. Just finally got a chance to get it swapped out.

Make sure you do it soon, before it's too late, and it gets super pitted and starts growing holes...

Or, I guess you could just wait, and get all of the years out of it that it undoubtedly has, and then hope you can find one then, when they're even more rare...:rolleyes:
Mine didn't look too bad from the outside, but if you look closely at the pics, you'll see that quite a bit of corrosion was taking place under the factory "paint".

Don't wait too long to do it. ;)




Anyone know what type of bolts are used to hold the tray up towards the front? For some reason, mine fell out. I don't want to accidentally cross thread anything by using the wrong bolt.

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