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Nov 27, 2015
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For some reason, my front driver side brake backing plate is resting against my rotor and making a god awful squealing noise. I've ordered a new one, but I just realized that I don't see what fastener is keeping them in place on any of the diagrams. Does anyone know what I'll need, off hand?

Also, will I have to remove the wheel hub in order to change it?
It's a 2003 v8 with the sports package.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated. It seems like it's always the small jobs where I overlook a small detail and out complicates the whole job :p
I assume you are talking about the disc shield. Did you try just bending it back out of the way? I believe that it is held on by three rivets (W701950-S100).
Yeah, its riveted. You might be able to use a machine screw with a low profile head and a nut on the back. I think you only need to remove the rotor.
One of my rears had the rivet spot busted off and now it rattles over bumps. They probably pressed on it when they did rear bearings. I was thinking of just epoxying this one spot since I don't really want to drill a new hole in the hub/spindle.
I could be wrong, but looking at how my rivets made a clean hole in the shields, I'd guess the rivets are steel and the shields are aluminum, with galvanic corrosion eating the aluminum.

I slopped some JB Weld over the area and zip tied it in place to let it set. They've held up for a year so far
mine had a rubbing problem after hitting it taking the wheel off. I just bent it back out of the way.
^ next time, save yourself the trouble of removing the wheel and just poke a long screw driver through the spokes. Push on the shield all around just above the rotor.

Usually after a brake job someone ends up with a slightly bent dust shield. Spreading the caliper is usually what causes people to rest said caliper on the flimsy shield. Unless your name is Loud1 and you lift wheels like a girl. Possibly some booze involved I'm thinking.
it might have been the day I got a nail in the tire because the fater in law didn't empty some of the construction trash when he picked up a load of gravel for the drive way.

EDIT: on second though, it might have been a week later when I caught the 2nd nail... I remember being awful mad and careless for a short time after that.
I just used a 1/4-20 bolt (3/4" or 1" long, cant remember) and a teflon lock nut to refasten the dust shield to the knuckle after drilling out the rivets.. Works perfect.

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