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Mar 17, 2004
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Villa Park, IL
I got tired of trying to troubleshoot the suspension so I took my car to West Gate Lincoln Mercury in Lombard, IL. They are a little pricey but the receptionist and quality work makes up for it. The mechanic told the manager to drop my cost a little because I decided to chat with him while he was diagnosing the problems. I think he was quite surprised with my knowledge of the car and enjoyed BS'ing with me about it. He also noticed parts I had in the trunk and back seat waiting to be installed and was enthused about somebody trying to make a high performance Lincoln. They basically reconfirmed what I thought was the porblem but they were quick and thorough.
That's probably because you didn't flirt with the mecha..... I mean receptionist!!! :N
Your right -- I got a problem diagnosed and a part replaced per their diagnosis ----- problem never went away

Since then ive been dealing with Jerry at Repairs Plus in Villa Park - on St Charles. Jerry is a former LM Dealer mechanic - and hot rodder
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Just incase anyone from the bay area catches on to this thread(recommend a dealership), I wanted to post about my local Lincoln dealership.

Hansel Ford/Lincoln/Mercury.
Santa Rosa, Ca. (53 miles north of San Francisco)

I have purchased 3 cars there. I havent used their service dept. yet(I do all my own work), but if anyone here is looking to BUY a car, new or used, go to hansel Ford/L/M.

Ask for Craig Nelson(not coach). He is the *wholesale* guy, and absolutely rules when it comes to finding you the right car, for the right price.

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