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Jun 17, 2014
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The '01 I've been working on has 42,000 original miles, but has been sitting for years. I'm close to trying to get it started. If I get it running, and on a tow dolly, will the rear wheel bearing hubs hold up to 100-200 mile trip. Thanks in advance.
Since the car has been sitting in a garage, the grease hasn't been exposed to the elements like excessive heat and water.
Along with the low miles, it's likely the grease hasn't broken down.
I would first look around and see if there are any signs of leakage, and spin the wheels to see if there are any funny noises like grinding or growling, and if there is any excessive play in the wheels.
If not - I'd give it a try.
Seals dry out and crack... and grease hardens when exposed to the elements... or it can break down and separate.

I'd stop every 50 miles or so... (maybe 30 miles starting out), to check the rear hub temps with your hand. If hot to the touch, you may need to come up with a different plan.
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