Rear Tire Wear


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Dec 25, 2004
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Butler PA
Does anybody have any information about rear tire wear for the 2000 LS? Both of my rear tires are worn pretty good at the center of the tire, with the edges being so so. I do know that over inflation will cause this, and is probably the answer. However my local tire shop claims to have seen several LSs with similar rear wear. They only way they can claim to make even wear is to put about 20-25 PSI in the rear tires. I'm not sold on that idea in the least. The car tracks well, and does't pull under accel or deccel, so I don't think alignment is the problem. This is my first 4 wheel independent suspension car, so I'm wondering if this is normal or just BS, and the guy before me had way too much air in the tires... Thanks Gang!


'00 LS V8 Sport
It's a common occurrence on cars with independent rear suspension. It's exacerbated because everyone over-inflates their tires these days. The owner's manual says 30 pounds, but most tire places put in 35. Hell, I put in 35. But, that's the price you pay. If you rotate frequently it won't really be an issue, because when they're on the fronts, the edges tend to get worn slightly more.

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