Ready to come back to Cadillac, need opinions!!


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Apr 29, 2008
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I have a 2001 Continental that I hate. The fact that I have owned about 20 cadillacs in my 36 years should have told me something. Anyhow, I need some advice. I do not have a ton of money to spend, and have rolled across 2 cars that I need advice on. An 89 deville with 166,000, and a 90 sixty special with 94,000. The 89 is actually in better shape. My question being, how long will the 4.5 go before it dies? Consiquently, I did find a 85 fleetwood with 76000 on it, which I would prefer. He wants 3000, but I am afraid of the HT4100. Please help!! Thanks! Chad
at that mileage, its hit or miss. They could go anytime or be good for another 50k. You dont know how they have been maintained.
Which would you pick?

89 4.5 with 166000 and a beautiful car with lots of repairs and 8 years of ownership. $1100
90 4.5 with 94000 and a little rougher shape $1500
85 4100 with 76000 and beautiful, original owner. $3000
Honestly the 90 sixty special is worthwhile if the price is will have many more features, and is a much rarer car. One thing to keep in mind is that the leather in that car was much softer and more delicate, at almost 20 years old its rare to find one with seats in good shape....but they are one of the most comfortable seats it ride in. as far as the 4.5, the big issue is coolant changes; if done regularly with the coolant tabs hitting 200k is easy; if not you could be looking at everything from head gaskets to a full rebuild.

I would pass on the 85....that was the first year of the transverse FWD 4100...I have seen many of them with nightmare black hole problems; by 87-88 most of the bugs were worked out.

If you decide to pass on the sixty special I would love the info as I may be interested.

and whatever you do stay away from the pre-2000 northstars.

Oddly I looked at a 98 conti and ended up with a 93 seville in the driveway
whats the color combo on the sixty?
what on it is rough? have my attention
Sixty special

Went and looked at it today, and its a no go for me. Rust has gotten to it. It has 94000 miles on it. Leather not in bad shape, except the drivers side. That seats track has come undone. There is a pic of it on craigslist buffalo ny. He wants 1500, but it has a check engine light and a abs light.
Oddly enough, I LOVE cadillacs too! Odd part is I now own a 2000 Continental that has taken time to grow on me but I love it!

Anyways, Cadillacs... 4100/4.1 not very desireable, the 4.9 & 4.5 however are great motors. I have had 2 4.1 engine cadillacs, 3 4.5's and 1 Northstar (Never Again will I own a N*!)

4.5/4.9 I never had any major issue. Biggest problem was the gasket behind the waterpump, that plate thing What A PITA!

Good Luck! I hope my next Cadillac is late 80's with a Olds 307- I want to build a 350R to put in that bad boy!

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