[Q] Instrument Cluster Needles (Cross Compatible)


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Nov 1, 2013
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Alright so I was told the 2000 Ford Taurus needles were cross compatible with the Mark VIII. I ran across one in the JY with needles in excellent condition so I grabbed them. Tore into my cluster today and went to replace mine. Only the speedometer needles match, the others have a "hole" on the back matching the size of only the speedometer while the Mark VIII has a bit smaller brass type hole on all the other needles.

Does anyone know if there are any other needles that are compatible or if it is just specific 2000 Taurus' that matched up? Or any other information in general on it. Like perhaps using something else inside the larger hole to reduce the size so it matches up.


Would seem simple enough to epoxy the holes and drill the correct size hole.

*face palm*

Sometimes it's the simplest solutions that I completely overlook...

I'll watch and see if anyone knows anything else about these but that's an extremely logical answer that I didn't even think of lol. I have plastic weld epoxy, I'll fill them and try that.

Thank you.

EDIT- Actually, my smallest bit was 1/16th and that doesn't even close to fit. I took an old school push pin and a sewing needle and neither fit in the hole of the Mark VIII needle. The tip of the sewing needle goes in, but doesn't go any further then that.

I wouldn't know what I could use to create a hole that small.
That's not what she said

Couldn't resist

hahaha, that's wrong :p

So, I took some bumper/flexible epoxy and I filled the hole with it. Let it sit for a good 5 minutes until it started hardening then I stuck them into the extra cluster I had up here to create the center holes. Let them dry a few more minutes then did it again to make sure it was a clean hole. Hopefully once they harden fully, they'll stay snug like they felt when I tested it and all will be well.

If not, I'll go grab some more from the JY and try again. I figured the bumper epoxy would work best because it's almost like clay when it first starts to harden as apposed to plastic weld epoxy that stays pretty tacky up until it completely hardens.
Old thread, But can someone tell me if the needles just pull off? I pulled one but I did not want to break anything.
My Tachometer goes up to 2000 and no higher ??
Sometimes they're pretty tight. You can use something like a fork even to go under the base of the needle and pull evenly across the whole surface to pop it out.
Thanks I'll try that.
Any Ideas why it goes up to 2000 and stops reading? It looks like the black face is not rubbing the dial.
Mine is a 1998.


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