Possible to insure a 78 Fleetwood under 25?


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Feb 22, 2014
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Hey guys, I recently sold my 99 Cadillac deville delegance in hopes of putting my late grandfather's 1978 Fleetwood brougham on the road! Car drives amazing I just spent thousands overhauling the engine to make sure it's fixed properly. It has 81k original one owner. No rust underneath. But my question is my insurance company (belairdirect) won't even touch the vehicle. Is there a type of insurance company that will insure someone under 25 (I'm 22) I don't mind if it's not registered as a classic I just want to drive it. I've spent so much effort getting this thing running and now insurance says I can't drive it due to not being 25 any ideas?

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Oh also I'm in Mississauga Ontario and have a daily driver 2002 jaguar x type and 2012 Honda civic both under my name on a policy

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First off I must say that I can't believe how dead this site is now.. sad!

As far as insurance for that car goes, it's surprising these companies can legally discriminate against you like that! If you lived in one of the provinces with the crown corporation insurance companies (which their residents actually hate!) you would have no problems like this at all.

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