P0022 then P0021

I have significantly screwed myself. I am missing the lower bottom bolt for the valve cover. The one that’s almost more difficult than the bolt for the transmission solenoid.

I am not putting it together until I find that bolt. I have been looking for it for nearly 3 hours. I can’t imagine it fell into the engine, although I have looked and fished my picker with the magnet on the end.

The bolts are supposed to stay with the cover, yeah right! I could have had the thing back together by now.
Yeah, I know…deep breath!!!!

Yes, back by the brake booster but I’m not sure that’s where it expelled itself. As you know, to get the valve cover out, you need to pull it up to clear the bolts then pull it forward. Maybe it did pop out when I pulled it up but only God knows where it went.

It was back underneath and behind the power steering pump back by the block.

4 hours of my life I’ll never get back. I knew it didn’t fall into the engine…but I was getting close to taking the front cover off.
Yep!!! Good thing Indint get paid by the hour! I should use your tag line about not having someone else work on your vehicles…I only get mad at myself!

Thanks for all your (and Joe’s!!!). help and patience…
It's definitely running very smooth!

I didn't put in a new VC gasket since the existing one was only 6 weeks old. I did remove and reapply Motorcraft RTV on the front cover seam, the oil neck, and I put a little on the nipple (the one right next to the crankcase vent tube) of the air intake. With all of the taking on and off of the vacuum hose, the nipple is starting to pull away from the air intake.

I do have a little oil smoke from oil on the exhaust manifold. I expect is just residual from spillage taking off the VC.

Of course with my luck, my 2000 Ranger threw a P0340 code (camshaft position sensor) yesterday. Not sure of the cause because the CEL went out soon after I wiggled the sensor. Me and camshafts...
Found my sig in my profile.

I forgot about this, it's been so long.

"I don't take my vehicles to a shop! That way, if I screw something up, I know it's screwed up, and I'm not trying to hide it from myself! :shifty":)
Then there's this part...

"I miss my Panther body!!! :frown: RIP - 07/02/2010
I walked away from this!!! Texting and driving SHOULD have killed me!"

Pictures got water stained...
Alcohol was involved too.

Somebody was running their mouth, and I had 2 choices.

Leave... or shut it for him.

I chose option #1.

Walked out of the local hospital 3 hours later... with one hell of a sore neck.

The wrecker driver said by the marks he saw... I was air-born for 100 ft. (at 60 mph)

This was one of my 9 lives used up.
Sad part is... That car was a "pre Mercury Maurader" prototype. It handled almost as good as my LS.

At one point before the accident...I had that car sideways at 100mph through some "s" curves.

I thought I was done for.
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