October 8th LVC Northeast Chapter Meet in Hatfield, Mass.


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Nov 15, 2004
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Alpha, NJ
Hi Everyone:

The LVC Northeast chapter will be meeting in Hatfield, Massachussets on October 8th! The event will be up on the calendar, and as soon as it is, I'll make sure everyone has a place to sign up.

The event is graciously hosted by Mike (mholhut). Mike has a two car garage with tools in case anyone wants to do some light maintenance/repair/mods type of thing.

Food will probably be on the grill and everyone is encouraged to bring a little something to share.

We may also go on a scenic fall drive. Mike knows some roads up there that will be great in the fall, bring your cameras!

Directions are forthcoming - I will PM them to you when you sign up on the Calendar.

Can't wait!

SIGN UP HERE so we know your coming!!!

sound like yall gona have some fun dont think im gona make it in October
I would love to go guys! But not sure if the LSC would be ready yet, Got some broken brake lines right now, and been busy and not able to put them together. I would however love to meet up with some more lincoln/cadillac members.

N.E.LSC Club

Come anyway & bring a pic of your car.....

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