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Feb 19, 2013
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Virginia Beach
I have a friend that's looking to purchase a 2000 LS and its will not start. I have gone through all the fuses and relays first then I changed out the fuel pump and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas on what can be done next.

Also I will add that after changing the fuel pump the car did start once and ran for a minute or 2 and then shut back off.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!
ok do you hear the engine crank. did you check the battery, have you tried to jump it to see if it is the battery. is the PATS light come up when you tried to turn it on. we need more details on what happens when you tried to actually turn the engine on.
I'm having that issue now as well. It's at the shop as we speak getting that taking care of as well as new valve covers , coils and spark plugs.

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