Newer Vehicles ARE Monitoring Your EVERY Move

Thanks Dutch... but at the same time... no thank you. I wouldn't want any politician's job. Most of them "can't see the forest through the trees" because they are out of touch with the "commonfolk".

I have found it very surprising how many people in the blue collar labor sector are very unhappy with the Democrats. But can you blame them after watching a good portion of manufacturing jobs get outsourced to other countries. (Plus they also realize that many of today's Democrats are Socialists in disguise.)

I was bitching about this over 20 years ago... that all we were gonna have left was service industry jobs... and that no one can support a family saying "may I take your order please?"

People wonder what is wrong with society today? Maybe it's because both parents are working minimum wage jobs... trying to raise a family... with no benefits... and the kids are left to fend for themselves... unsupervised.

More government programs aren't gonna fix this. Social programs aren't gonna fix this. We just need jobs that provide a livable wage... and benefits. At that point it's up to the individual whether they sink or swim.

Don't even get me started on China. Obama handed this country over to them.
I once heard that a man could work a 40 hour week and provide for his family which was a happy wife at home and well cared for kids not going without but also learning appreciation and gratitude for the blessings in life and not one but two cars in the driveway...I've only heard stories of this...
And lastly... in tribute and memorium to all Veterans... I offer this:

“You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve YOUR freedom. I hope you will make a good use of it.”

John Adams

THANK YOU... for YOUR service!!!!!!!!! :cool:
Yeah Dutch. It was real. I grew up on the tail end of that. It was also when divorce was much less common... instead of the norm.

It was also before the gas crisis and high unemployment rate of the 70's.
I once heard that a man could work a 40 hour week and provide for his family which was a happy wife at home and well cared for kids not going without but also learning appreciation and gratitude for the blessings in life and not one but two cars in the driveway...I've only heard stories of this...

That was me! Someone at work asked me how we "did it" with one income. I said easy; we don't take expensive vacations, have all the "toys", new, fancy cars or latest, greatest gadgets. We only had a microwave because it came with the house! Our 1st LS was the nicest, most expensive car we had every purchased. And now that I'm retired and we're empty nesters I'm out of the new car market. I don't mind as I'll purchase off-lease and let the original purchaser take the depreciation hit!

I heard some 50-something woman on the news demanding a higher minimum wage (that $15hr thing). She had been working for minimum wage at Burger King for 20 YEARS! Maybe if she learned English she might better herself!
Aaaanndd... we didn't live in a disposable society back then. You bought what you bought... and kept it till it broke... or it wasn't fixable any more. From cars to TVs... washers and dryers to lawn mowers... and the list goes on.

I still have shovels and other hand tools, (axes, hammers), I used as a kid. The handles may have been replaced a few times... but they still work.

And yes... there were neighborhoods where you could play even after the street lights came on, (ghost in the graveyard, kick the can, and capture the flag). And yes again... if you did something wrong... your parents knew before you got home. :eek:

Life was harder, (but you learned a good work ethic), but simpler. No cell phones... and land lines were shared "party lines". No cable TV... just 3 or 4 local channels from an over the air antenna... and most if it was quality TV. Not the crap that is on today.

I could keep going... but...
Well... Hmmm...

Caught a new program on PBS last night called "Retro Report".

Episode 1 | Season 1 Episode 1 | Retro Report on PBS

The first part of the program talked about the intentional, planned addiction of social media.

Near the end of that part of the program... it talked about how not too far in the future... Cell phones won't have keypads... But instead be used by mind control of the individual.

Now... if our thoughts control the phone functions... does that mean that the phone will also be able to read all of our thoughts???

What dangers does this pose for the phone user... and will a persons thoughts implicate them as a potential threat if they are just having a bad day???

Can/will a person be arrested or held for something they might or might not do??? If a person is considered a threat by their radical beliefs, (be they liberal or conservative), can they be charged as a subversive, and be detained???

Before anyone thinks I'm "going off the reservation"... consider a movie that came out IN 2002 !!!

From a Google search:

"Based on a story by famed science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, "Minority Report" is an action-detective thriller set in Washington D.C. in 2054, where police utilize a psychic technology to arrest and convict murderers before they commit their crime. Tom Cruise plays the head of this Precrime unit and is himself accused of the future murder of a man he hasn't even met."

We already have Alexa and other copies calling law enforcement when couples have a fight in the privacy of their own home.

How much worse will it be when these devices we carry with us day in and day out... "rat us out" because in IT'S mind it thinks we have become a "danger to society" ????????

Once again a movie, (from almost 2 decades ago), portrays a future technology.

Is this just circumstantial... or indoctrination ?
And for those who think that government monitoring is no big deal... or strictly just for consumer data... you better think again. It's going beyond "big brother".

Yup Dutch... there's even a guy in the program... that mentions the day where a family could make it on one income.

In the Age of AI

However... in this program it seems that 3 jobs will be needed... when only one is available.

The more we accept modern conveniences... the more we give up our freedoms.

ooops... forgot to "paste" the program.
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Hmmm... well... now we have Facebook "Portal"... which includes "THE BITCH", (Alexa).

An up to 4 way video conferencing tool for anyone to use. Interesting catchy name... "portal" ... because who is actually looking through the portal at who ???????

No big deal... right ??? You just invited Facebook and Alexa, (and whoever else), into your home to see how you live... what you own... and the things that show your passions and interests.

Really great for marketing more target ads at you... along with actually spying on you in your own home.

Careful what magazines you have lying around, or what you have on your bookshelves or walls. You may become a "person of interest".

I give it 2 years tops... before this technology makes it into vehicles, (and the camera will probably be on full time in the background... even if you think it's off).

Making a quick phone call or drive by somewhere to get some illegal drugs??? That transaction was just recorded.

Going to your local "sporting goods" store to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. That box you tossed on the seat just got recorded.

And the list goes on......
Nope, graduated HS in the 90s. I just know that the value tied to data is much lower than what paranoid citizens think it is, unfortunately. I used to work for the government for a short period of time right after HS and had some involvement analyzing data. You'd be surprised how little of it is housed, just based on cost alone. Most of it is sold. To companies that have assigned a dollar value to it. Anything with the government, is always dollars. The government is out there spending billions of dollars to harvest, store, manipulate data for no reason. Those bullet points have a direct dollar value and most of the time it's for companies who want to use that data to understand advanced business principles. Let's go further. Give me one recent example of when an American's data was used maliciously by the government. Sure we all heard of the NSA spying on liberties, but when was that ever used maliciously? Just curious. Or are we going to continue with the paranoid what if's and "BUT THE GOVERNMENT.... MAN...."

Alright, so this is a subject that is near the center of my daily studies and research I do on our current situation. By "our" I mean all of humanity and just like someone just said there is only two classes in our world and they might be loosely thrown around right now but too many people are waking up to the fact that what humanity as a whole is going to be either one of the "elites" or your one of the rest and if your one of the rest, your data very much does matter. Data is power and data is king and cash isnt king anymore. And so all the data that we volunteer and eagerly give away that is stored and analized and utilized by the powers that be, use this data to control our every waking moment on earth, and just because they arent supposed to or they arent allowed to or they have regulations to follow doesnt mean thats reality. Reality is the monitoring and data mining that is happening both with our permission and also, if we like it or not, unconstitutionally and immorally, by deception and force, by the power of the ever reaching arm and through sheer dominance and near monopoly of the data collection the elite are able control society and as far fetched as it sounds, more or less can see what would happen if that did this or feed data through social media to a.i. that predicts the outcome of any and every situation to mind blowing accuracy that only gets more precise as the input of data increases. Artificial intelligence programs use a more complex version of the wisdom of the crowd technique ( google that, its crazy) and with the data gathered from the average person that has social media and uses google automated services, their time and place of death down to the minute can be predicted with upwards of 98% accuracy! So with that kind of technology, basicly whoever controls the data, can control the world in astounding ways, no different than any idea put out in hollywood. So more or less because they know almost certainly what the future holds, they can also know almost certainly, if they do this, that will happen. In order for this to happen this must take place. And that is ultimantly the ability to control all of humanity like a puppet on a string. All of this possible through the mass collection of data both legally and illegally. Morally and immorraly. And its sad to hear you say that " the value tied to data is much lower than paranoid citizens think it is " because your way of thinking is probably a large majority of opinion and thats because thats exactly what you have been programmed to think since birth through media, entertainment, news, and tv. Sorry for the sermon but it needs to be said and its just the tip of the iceberg of what reality is today.
I agree with the fact that data isnt only for advertising. I am just a young kid, but there IS a reason that in communist countries ( China) people are being constantly monitored. There are robots going around taking data, cameras on all stop lights, sidewalks, etc. How can this data be used? Well if a Chinese person decides he wants to do something the government doesnt like, such as buying guns to protect against communist dictatorships. The thousands of cameras, and his car would know he was buying a gun, the government sends someone out to stop him, by force if necessary, and there is nothing he can do. His freedom is limited due to the amount of surveilance going on. If you have enough surveillance, you can control guns, if you control guns, you control the people.
"California’s much-debated privacy law officially takes effect today, a year and a half after it was passed and signed — but it’ll be six more months before you see the hammer drop on any scofflaw tech companies that sell your personal data without your permission." I hope my State jumps on board sooner than later...
From internet search:

"Characteristics of protected classifications under California or federal law. Commercial information including records of personal property, products or services purchased, obtained or considered, or other purchasing or consuming histories or tendencies. Biometric information."

Notice it doesn't mention personal data. :rolleyes:
About the only biometric data that is currently being used in THIS country... is a thumb swipe for payment methods. So there will be restrictions on that... for now.

However... the day is coming when:

"... they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark... "

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