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My project is a 98 Mark VIII. Bought it with some steering column issues that I hope to have resolved by winter. Car is solid, one rust spot drivers side rear rocker. Carfax states it came from Florida, and ended up in NH 6 years ago. It came to my garage about 3 years ago. The goal is to have a sweet running, good looking modern classic. The dream was to cruise Route 66, but I guess it's gone now, Gotta figure out a plan B.
Welcome to LVC. You'll really like it here. Plenty of people here to help you out.

The Mark VIII section is big on LVC.

We all would love to hear your future plans for your car. Maybe we can come up with a plan for you?? ;)

Here are some websites to help you get parts for your Mark: Temple Performance, and Super Coupe Performance.

Here are some part suppliers that can be of service to you too: Here are websites for Lincoln parts and supplier info

Good Luck!


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