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Jan 13, 2005
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Hi all,

I'm a new 04LSV6 owner and just wanted to introduce myself to this forum.
This forum is exactly what I was looking for, good information from knowledgeable people. I'll be visiting here alot.

As for my LS, I bought this car new in August. I couldn't pass up the great price I got with all of the incentives thrown in, allowed me to buy new instead of used. As for the car itself, I can't get over how well it resonds and handles, I love it! I don't agree with others regarding the not-so-good shifting of the transmission, I don't see a problem with it. I think it shifts nicely, quickly, and without lag. The last "performace" type of car I had was a new 1986 Olds Salon 5L V8, between the time of the olds and the LS I had to think about the family so I had a Taurus and a Buick century. My wife is driving the Century now, great sofa-like ride and she prefers that over the LS firm-type ride. I could imagine what she would say about the V8 sport suspension being even more firm/stiff.

Anyway I love the car and all of it's gagets. :L

Tony from Boston
Welcome to what I'm sure will become one of your most favorite sites. Great people, great time... :W to :V
Welcome, You'll find alot of great info on this site, and very nice people. Enjoy your car.
Yep. You picked a good forum. Glad you like the car. It looks like I might have two here in a week or so!

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