New Best 11.66@119.81mph W/videos

Don Pfau

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Jun 7, 2010
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Fayetteville, NC
For the third week in a row we ran new personal best for the Mark VIII. Here are videos of the two best runs. Supercharged Lincoln Mark VIII Solo 11.66 at 119..81mph - YouTube Supercharged Lincoln Mark VIII vs Supercharged Mustang GT - YouTube And I like this video from the week before. I had the pleasure of running against RobertP from TCCOA the first time he ran in the 10's. It a HD video taken by Trunk Monkey and it captures the Mark VIII's sound best. Robert stomped me but it was our first run and was still cold (Mark runs better warmed up??) But most of the sound is the Lincoln. Supercharged Mark VIII Vs Supercharged Thunderbird - YouTube

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