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Jan 7, 2010
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Grain Valley, MO
:( Unfortunately my son rolled his blue 93 Mark VIII Friday night in Tacoma Wa. area. I might need someplace to park the car until I can go get it and bring it home. I've got thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in this car. I don't want it to get junked. I haven't seen pics of it yet, so I don't know how much is salvageable. If the car will still roll he can probably park it at his apartment complex for a short time. If not I need a place to park it until next weekend when I will come and trailer it home. He can't get it out of the impound lot until tomorrow, but needs to as soon as possible because of storage fees. Fortunately my son wasn't hurt in the accident. If anyone in that area has room to park it for a short period of time, I would really appreciate it. Here's a pic of it 5 months ago after a makeover and paint.

derek's car 004a.jpg
Glad to hear that he's ok!

You might want to get on the LOD and LVC Facebook pages and ask for help there too.

I'd post in the LS section as well.
That sucks
Glad hes ok
fasmark1993 my buddy rolled his 96 LSC in 2001 or 2
He tried to pass another car on a wet road and lost it.
Ship it for less than your fuel cost. If the car rolls, or better yet moves on it's own, PM me with origin and destination zipcodes, and I'll run it thru dispatch network.
damn sorry to hear that roger. glad he is ok though. that is most important.
hope you can get the car back to you in a timely fashion. shoot that sucks.
Maybe he can get it into his apt complex and just put a car cover on it. Make sure he buys one of those covers that will let the plate show through so the apt managers don't go lifting up the cover.
sorry to hear about the MARK Glad your SON is ok . if you need a place to grab some sleep we are 60 mile from DENVER . JD
I'm down in Longview, about 100 miles from Tacoma.
Called a friend in Lakewood (next to Ft Lewis) but he's in Arizona right now. Damnit!!!
If you can't find someplace close, I can get up there on Wednesday. I have access to roll/tilt car trailer & you can put it at my place until you can get here. I'm in the country & have room to store it where it's safe. No hassles, no charge!!!
Just PM me and let me know. Just trying to pay it forward bro.
Scottylogger that is a very generous offer, and I appreciate it. My son is stationed at Lewis-McChord base which may be another option to store cheaply. He lives off-base in Puyallup, WA. I will know more tonight after I see pics of the car. I will let you know what we decide to do. Thanks.
Roger I'm sorry to hear about your son rolling his car. Cars are just things and can be replaced with money, work and time. Children cannot be, thank god he is OK. Thanks for bring me the Octostars in Rochester!! Mark :cool:
Thanks Mark and everyone else for your concerns about my son. You all are absolutely right, cars can be replaced, people can't. It won't be long until this seems like nothing, as he's scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan at the first of July. That's when my only concern will be about his safety. He has a very dangerous job, which I don't even like to think about sometimes. I've watched lots of videos he brought home. Pretty scary stuff for a parent. Back to the car. People on LVC are the best. Scottylogger made a very generous offer to drive 100 miles, pick it up and store it for nothing. You don't find people like that everyday. I still don't have pics of the car yet. Couldn't get it out of the tow lot today. He's supposed to get it out tomorrow and take it to a fellow combat controller's house who said he could leave it there as long as he wants. So until I can see pics of it, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
How did I miss this thread? :confused: Roger, sorry about what happened. Main thing is, your son is ok and wasn't hurt. As for the car, I know how it is to just lose one within minutes and after having many hours of work involved with it. The good, their cheap enough to come up with another one and you'll have him fixed backup in no time. Glad to see you got a spot to park it, till you get to it.
Charger, hook up with M Maker and just get it shipped it really is less money than your time and gas and it will be picked up and then delivered right to you.
Thanks Terry. LSC Hunter, that is still a consideration. m maker sent some quotes to me. Looks like around $850 to get it back to Missouri. I figure it will cost me around $1100 in gas with my navigator and trailer, with the benefit of being able to haul a champagne 95 up there for him to drive. Still undecided till I get pics though.
thx for the kind comments; didn't know your son was active duty; tell him thx for his service & be safe over there.
Just a thought; if car is fixable & you go back home via columbia river gorge/I-84, guy in Vancouver/Portland area has parts real reasonable; he posts on CL (Portland) & is in Vancouver. Just a thought............
I know your wife was haveing some health issues, now your son rolling the car and getting deployed......I need to buy you a beer, hope all turns out well for you.
Mike, I've already asked a buddy of mine to go with me. He's not working right now so he said he would go. If he backs out I will be calling you. The plan is 4000 miles in 4 days. Non stop driving. Eric, I certainly need something. I don't have too much hair left the way it is. At this rate I'll be bald by summer. Plus we have to make another trip to the Mayo clinic soon. I finally got some pics of the car. Definitely a lot of good parts worth saving.






Somehow I thought the damage was going to be more extensive? The roof is toast, but it looks like there's a few good panels still.
It was a slow rollover, so still a lot of good parts left. Amazing that the hood and wing on the trunk survived, as did most of the body kit. I guess I'm going to have to teach my son what good pictures mean. I told him to take good pics of key areas and these are what he sent me. But they're good enough for me to know that I'm going to salvage what I can.
wow. it is hurting, but i expected much worse. good luck getting out there and back.

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