My full-on heating problem (Advice needed)

Don't be so quick to close this thread out I want to come back and read "I told you so" threads when you come back and say it overheated two months later.

Cause you didn't do the proper steps.

Did you know that it is required to use the coolant bleed machine to get the air out. But you can do it manually but you have to follow it to the T.

I've. Been on this site for over six years 2002 ls v8 still up and running, and every time I cut a corner, I'm right back in a few months down the line thinking
Joegr, BigRig,ls8, and the other guys told me to do it this way and look I'm right back in.

Do it right the first time it'll save you in the long run

Trust me I know coolant gets costly after going in multiple times to bleed the systems cause you was being hard headed.

*Sorry for the double post*
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I'll keep an eye on things. This is the spot I'll be coming if things don't feel like they're working right. Yes, I plan to watch the degas for a while and the engine temp. I'm not taking your $10 bet though, since you're probably right. Be primed for a big I told you so when it happens.

The one part I don't get though is Blueberry's comment on the coolant bleed machine. I was following the procedure here: How to Drain the Lincoln LS Cooling System Was I doing something wrong?
I wouldn't go as far to say that a machine is required when the service manual gives you the procedure and makes no mention of a machine...

if you followed the proper bleeding procedure that has been posted on here 100 times and followed it exactly, then you're good (assuming that you have no other problems/leaks)
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Yes, the machine makes it easier and quicker, but it is not required.
When I mention the bleed machine, I mention that as to say if you wanted a quick way of doing then the machine bleed is the way to go.

But if your doing it manuelly you have to follow the producers to the T.

Meaning no corner cutting.

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