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The VIN says Dark Cherry.....

Primary Features
Build Date: 26.08.2005
Vehicle Line: Lincoln LS
Body Style: 4 Door Saloon
Series: High Version
Engine: 3.9L Dohc EFI NA V8 Gas*HP
Transmission: 5 Speed Auto Transmission 5R55S
Drive: LHD RWD
Axle Ratio: 3.58
Emission: 50 State Emission Requirements
Air Conditioning: Dual Zone Auto Temp Control A/C
Paint: Dark Cherry

It's pretty much sold from what he told me yesterday. No new LS either.

Funny, I'm pretty sure this LS was on the other side of I-69 on my way home last weekend. The matte and yellow calipers gave it away. From a distance I couldn't tell though.
Haha. Yea I picked it up. I was considering having it painted when I get home but the color is growing on me. And damn this car is tight and the suspension feels like new. Truly a good find on my part.

I actually like that my cars not black on black on black for once. It's nice to have the dark leather in contrast to the lighter ext color. Not to mention it'll be so easy to keep clean. Not saying ill never paint it but it'll be staying as is for a while.

In San Bernardino for the night on the way back to Illinois. Hope to be home sun night.

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