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Lincoln Mark VIII

  1. dnsherrill

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    Aug 18, 2012
    1998 LSC
    I'm pulling parts together to do a trans service/jmod/1-2 accumulator replacement/cooler install....1st time dropping the pan..
    because I work on jackstands in my apt complex parking lot, I'd like to start/finish asap. If I can find it I'd like to have a clean separator plate pre-drilled to slap right in and keep moving through it.
    Does anybody know which separator plates (vehicle year, model) are interchangeable with the one in there now? The local dealer does not show this as sold apart from the valve body
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    Mar 2, 2005
    98->2000 should be good. 2001 they got rid of the 2-3 accumulator piston "pac man" stiffening plate, and a different OD setup. Earlier ones 96-97 should be okay for the plate only. 92-95 have different sized dowels, I don't know if there are spacers for that, or if you would need to drill them out to be larger.

    I drilled my own on my 97 Cougar, but for my 97 Mark VIII I bought an already JModded plate and mailed mine back as a "core". It really wasn't worth it, as I still had all the drill bits I needed and even being OCD on the drilling it only takes a little time mark up the plate, drill, clean up the holes, and put it all together. Mine hadn't even finished dripping fluid, probably another quart dripped after I planned on buttoning it back up, but waited. It was fairly cheap, I think 80 bucks for the plate, 1-2 and 2-3 updated accumulator pistons and caps, purple lower spring (which I didn't use) and the gaskets. I am happy with the results but my 97 Cougar was better.

    The "Tuff Plate" you see for sale all over the place won't work (it is for 01+), which is a shame, but it was designed to help with the removal of that stiffener and the beating/pounding it takes and causes leaks between circuits and crazy stuff happening.
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