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Nov 18, 2008
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Sardinia, OH
I lots of guys on here have them on their car... but where in the world are you getting them?

I've googled, searched the LMS site, supercoupeperf, and couldnt find anything... I am going to get my exhaust done soon (the permanent solution, instead of the south-central cackle the car has now) and I see the ebay kit for dual exhaust, but can't find an X or anything to make into an X.

IF it works, I want to get that Ebay mandrel kit, which will get me everything I need from the midpipe back... if I could find a midpipe.

I'll be going with Magnaflows, and I will be slightly heating my rear bumper to make exhaust tip reliefs for some LSC tips (which will be bought later)

Anyone got any tips?

Anyone make a good one on here? I dont care to cut right after the cats and install it, And if I have to hack a little off the ebay kit I dont mind either, I just want it to work!

I guess you missed this:

You obviously hadnt searched SCP eaither. They have resonated and non resonated and everyone knows Genos shop sells them plus Summit, Jegs, LMR etc etc
I have the Magnaflow resonator X pipe (basically a muffler with dual in and dual out and has an x on the inside of the chamber). This is the quiet way to go.

If I had a choice to do it all over again, I think I would go with Geno's setup.
I have the X-pipe off of a '09 Shelby GT500 KR, got it off of ebay as a take off.....mounts up to the front pipes very nicely after you remove the third cat.

Cool, thanks for the info. It is always good to get more options with parts etc that will work :) Thank you
Are you asking for tips like ideas or tips like for your car? I have some 97 LSC tips if ya want.

Yes, actual exhaust tips are what I'm looking for...

Also, what is the advantage of 2 X pipes over 1?

AND the biggest thing I need right now is pictures of how dual exhaust is ran just before the rearend, and All the way after the rear end! I need pics so my friend at the muffler shop can put it up in my car as nice and tight as possible... I have a ray switch on this car and dont wanna smash my pipes!!!
Here are pics of the exhaust I made in my garage for my '98 LSC. I don't think you'll find any tucked up better. ;)
Summit carries a few different ones

They are real easy to make if you have a welder just use two 45 mandrel bends

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