Magnaflow exhaust installed

lookin great as usual i like the eye lid look but i would rather them
color matched
Thanks guys. The black tips look good but they dont "pop" as much as I thought they would. Maybe because the lower trim of the bumper is still black, color matching soon. I was also thinking I might try black chromed tips. A place close by does them for 15 a piece I think oh and also, color matching the cdc grille with cdc mesh black chrome, thinking it'll looks sweet

I'll get you a pic of that soon LincolnLeubbe

Thanks. Should look cleaner with color matched parts.

I would sell it to you, but I want to see how it looks color matched on my car. I would have to buy one after I sell you this one and it wouldn't be convinient for me, have to think of me sometime too, sorry

just photoshop it and then sell it to me :D haha

you front end looks a lot cleaner without the eye lids though foreal
Photoshop would work but I'm not good at it to make it look real.

Got some white paint from pepboys, not the same color, but close enough to see if they'll look good or not. It looks better with then color matched, but I still sont know if I'll keep them on.





Hmmm yea, my opinion doesn't count since I never liked eyelids on the LS.
Love the tips. I have an estimate out for getting a pair jet-hot coated black.

Link for the ones you have? I'm totally gonna copy you.

I'm partial to the eyelids. I think it looks great either way. If you are going to do the eyelids, get that grill colormatched.
Pics of the exhuast from under the car you mean?
yes pics of the exhaust

I tried taking some today but it's hard to get a good angle on it when it sittin gon the ground. I'll take some when I raise it next weekend

Yes, it is.

Per signature, 50% film.

Yup :cool:

Alax is your windshield tinted?

And yes, can't stand to drive without it at night now. More and more people with their aftermarket HID kits trying to blind me. 50% is not a lot but it makes a big difference at night. No more squinting to get away from the bright lights, plus it make the car look sleeker :D

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