For Sale LS electrical, 5R55S ATSG and repair manual disks


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Oct 10, 2014
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Aloha guys. I finally found all the manuals, so selling them here first. Sold my car while back due to parts availability, so I have no use for them.

As the title said, selling Wiring diagram manuals that have not only the wiring diagram, but what's where. also 5R55S ATSG manual which is almost brand new, and repair manual disks that I bought from evilbay.

The wiring diagram is from evilbay and I bought it to install stereo head unit since my CD changer died long ago, and came in handy in many other repair. Trans manual from ATSG is virtually brand new. I put some post-it as my notes and open them and read it few time before I worked on any trans components (such as filter change and solenoid pack replacement). The manual on disk are little tricky. If you have older computer like me (pre i-core processor), I think you need to get older version of VMware (I think it was V.12 and never let the VMware update to newer one or it'll stop working). I have tested the disk with older version of VMware, but I have no way to test them on newer computer since I don't have any to test them with.

Asking $60 shipped to US. I'll ship outside of US, but chances are shipping is pretty expensive with some duty fee you need to pay. Also, I will not part them out. If I can sell it here, I'll probably take it to evilbay and try it there but at higher price since I'm selling to stranger. 20231031_215931.jpg20231031_220014.jpg20231031_220017.jpg20231031_220030.jpg20231031_220102.jpg20231031_220113.jpg20231031_220126.jpg

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