lowering springs?


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Oct 31, 2006
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i finally put my new wheels on (should have pics tomorrow, i know you all have been waiting) but i need to lower it an inch, which kit is best to go with? and also has anyone had problems lowering with 20s?
If you only need to lower about an inch, the Eibachs are the way to go.
Here's the Pro-Kit by Eibach, but with stock wheels. Just did 'em yesterday..

That does look very good!

But with a car like Broke LS's, I think Id rather it beeing sitting on the ground..

Nice job NYC!
Unless you obtained the perfect offset..with 20's, if you lower it, expect rubbing..
I used the Eibach pro-kit and got a 1.75" drop.
First picture was in the stock 16" rims.
Second picture is with the 19" Konigs.

Lincoln LS 05.jpg

LS Gila 2a.jpg
What size tire is that Rollin? It still looks like it has a big side wall and there is more than enough room between the tire and fender. I thought Eibachs didnt come that low?
Looks like a good drop.
So even when the average 20" setup is the same "OD" as the factory 17" it will rub and the factory set up don't?

I don't know they must have been running huge sidewalls and or bad shocks/struts...or maybe its cause they have pounds upon pounds of stereo equipment in the trunk???
I am running Dunlop Dizerra 101 245/35/19's mounted on 19" Konig Prophets chrome. I measured the ride height before and after the spring swap. It dropped it 1.75" inches. I NEVER rub.:D I am looking into buying new shocks and struts for it this summer.
There was a thread from someone who trimmed his inner fender wells to take care of the rubbing.
You can grind em out, you can heat them up and roll them, theres a few things you can do.

I remember that post.
Lowering Springs

I just did mine on Saturday, and the so called 1" lowering kit from Eibach, lowered the front and rear a minimum of 1 1/2", maybe more(I forgot to measure). I like this difference mind you, but beware, the eibach's lower the car MORE than advertized.
I will post some comparisson pics, tomorrow, after a good cleaning, for those of you wanting to see a before and after.

One thing I did, that I havent seen on anyones notes, or the eibach doc's, is, on the front, I dropped the nut off of the upper control arm, and that allowed the lower arm to drop a little further, and that helped hugely when removing the shock/spring assy from the car. This ball joint had a simple cone to locate the spindle arm, and required no special tool to remove.

3hrs even, in my driveway, with some help, and the basic tools...not bad for a weekend driveway project.(floor jack, and jack stands)

Firestone's book called for 2.7 hrs, in a shop environment, so I am thinking my buddy and I did pretty good. You guys who claim 1 1/2 hours must be SUPERMECHANIC MAN!!!.....:D
I agree. The front of my car is SLAMMED with the Eibachs compared to how it was stock. Definitely more than a 1" drop.
I agree. The front of my car is SLAMMED with the Eibachs compared to how it was stock. Definitely more than a 1" drop.

Ditto. Must be super careful over speed bumps and steep driveways.

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