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May 9, 2004
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Columbia, SC
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I've got way more parts in my garage than I want/need in there. I'm gonna be going through and listing some things as I dig them out.

97-98 style Ebony airbag. This came from my 97. This is essentially a one-year-only airbag, since it only fits Gen 2's and it's the Ebony color which was only on 93-97's.
$25 shipped OBO

97-98 Driver's side mirror glass. This used to be really hazy due to the electrochromic fluid leaking out, but I've taken it apart and cleaned the hazy crap out of it and polished it with Zaino glass polish. It will no longer Auto-dim, but it will still heat as normal.
$35 shipped, or $30 shipped if you send me yours as a core replacement

93-96 Coolant crossover tube. It could be used on a 97-98 if you plug the hole for the other sensor. I bead-blasted this for another member who wanted to buy it, but then backed down. It's starting to get a little bit of surface rust on it. I'll blast it again if someone wants to buy it. It'll need new O-rings.
$50 shipped

Rolling code Homelink garage door remotes. I've got a bunch of these. Grey and Tan are the colors that I've got. I spray-painted the face of one of these black and installed it into the visor of my 97. It looks factory. Even if your car didn't come with the Homelink option, there's a template molded into the plastic that you can cut out and you only need to tap into the vanity mirror's 12V power to get it to work.
$20 shipped

Pearl White Fuel Door from a 98 Mark VIII, not ivory. It has some light scratches on it. It used to have more, but I hit it with a buffer for like 13 seconds and you can barely see them now. There is a slight "impression" on it. Some might call this a "dent", but it's so slight I don't consider it a "dent."
$20 shipped


97-98 center console defroster panel. If you want the defroster button also, I'll include it for another $3.
$10 shipped

Newer model Ford Owner's manual case. These don't say Lincoln on them, but they're a hell of a lot nicer than the ones that came with your Mark VIII. They're a nice, padded cloth cover. I've got a few of them.
$15 shipped

Flywheel, or Flexplate, or whatever the hell they're called now-a-days.
This came off of the engine I removed from my 97. I'm not sure what these go for, so make me an offer worth my time to go to the post office. Shipping might be a little more due to weird dimensions...
$ Make offer $

Oil filter adapter housing, thermostat housing, and some hoses.
Also removed from my 97 engine. I plan on cleaning it up some. Also not sure what to ask for these, so again, make me an offer worth my time to go to the post office...
$ Make offer $

Oil pickup tube....you guessed it, from my 97 engine. Make me a damn offer.
$ Make offer $
What color do you need? I've sold the 2 that are listed, but I've got others. I'm not entirely sure what colors I have though, I'll have to check...
Hi Jay
Thought I'd try contacting you thru this link re: coolant crossover cap, and other parts. PM me if you're still interested in selling them.
I'm pretty sure I actually have a black one, so that shouldn't be a problem.

BTW, 97's are rolling code, also. I assume that's why you were looking for a 98...
Cool, Yeah as long as it has the little "house"around the LED, it should work. Pm me your pay pal addres and we will go from there.

Wouldnt happen to have an ebony or midnight second gen drivers side inner door handle bezel would yw?
Hi do you have the homelink in a light gray, I have a 97, thanks.
Hi Jay
Once again I'm not sure if you're getting my PM's. If all is well and you have the time I would appreciate getting the parts we discussed... I'm having multiple issues and thought I would start with the COP's.

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