Lincoln Mark VII Radiator Question


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Nov 29, 2004
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My friend has acquired a 1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC and is trying to repair it/get it running. He says he needs a secondary radiator for it (the smaller radiator in front of the main one) and can not find one anywhere. Being more computer savy than he is, I figured I’d search the internet to find one for him (would make a nice surprise for x-mas). Unfortunately I can not find the part and do not understand enough about the LSC to even know if I am looking for the right thing. Asking him more detailed questions would probably tip him off.

Can you advise me as to why there are two radiators on the front of his car, what to ask when looking for such a part, and maybe even where to look?

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Unless there is an aftermarket transmission cooler on it, it would have to be the air conditioning condenser that you are refering to. I am not sure why he feels that it needs replacement, as it is not typically a part that goes bad. Also, it is not a "necessary" part of the vehicle, just like the AC is not "necessary" for operation of the vehicle. It is probably best to have more information before delving further into this endeavor, as an air conditioning condenser is not only somewhat pricey on its own, but will also require a decent amount of effort and money to bring the air conditioning system back to 100% functionality.

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