LINCOLN LS Headlight Set CLEAR Corners & DEMON EYES Kit


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Oct 17, 2004
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wondering if anyone has bought this kit off the guy on ebay? wondering if anyone might even have any info on this mod: if they have done it and feedback on this mod. im very interested just curious to what others have done.


He sells a good product but it's the LED brand. I use to sell those but had a lot of problems with longevity. LED's just don't last long in the hot environment of the headlight housing. You might get 4-6 months on the LED's. You can do this mod yourself pretty easy. Just buy the LED kit from someone on eBay and install it yourself.

However, the CCFL kits are much brighter and last ten times as long as the LED's. I have those if you are interested.

what is the ccfl? and what are the major they still have the angel eyes look? do they improve night vision? are they really worth the money?

thanks mayo

CCFL is cold cathode flourescent lighting or better known as neon. CCFL is the newest accent lighting. Also, it's more expensive. CCFL works off of a transformer and is much brighter than LED. See picture below:



CCFL's could almost replace daylight running lights (DRL's) since they are very visible during the day. LED's are not. Angel Eye lighting will not improve night time lighting. It's purely aesthetic. It was first introduced on the 5 series BMW's and is still seen on 5 and 7 series BMW's.
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Here's another picture of the CCFL on one of my customers cars:

Katshot said:
The question is, is it 50-state legal?

Well, all I can say is that I've been running mine here in Tennessee for over a year. Haven't had a problem. It may vary from state to state. It shouldn't be any different than DRL's.
I guess since they look just like stock BMW lights, nobody would suggest they were aftermarket.
how are tehy wired up? do they just plug into the stock wiring harness? and would i have any extra controls, like switches or knobs? could it be set up as teh regular headlighs just with the angel eye feature and clear turn signal?

as for the 50 state legal issue, i dont think taht would be an isse as long as teh lights wereproperly aimed and not used to obstruct other drivers viewing... im not only and lvc member im also a bonafide doughnut eating cop!

A MOLE!!! :biggrin:
Only kidding. Some of my best freinds are cops.
I just figured that this might fall under the heading of accessory lighting (which must be DOT approved), or maybe even fall into the same catagory as neon light kits (cops REALLY seem to hate those).
I think they look pretty cool myself but it's a shame when somebody goes and buys something, installs it on their car, and then gets pulled over and ticketed for having it on their car.
The CCFL DDE's wire either to the parking lamps, fogs or any other 12V switchable source. My kits come with installation instructions. I don't know about the the dude on eBay.
well u have me sold... it sounds easy enough, and clean...i hate extra buttons and good nuttin but junk. the lights seem like a good thing to change up the look of teh LS. as for the neon light stuff cops are people who have bad days, then there are the cops who just like busting peoples chops. i like the neon lighting, but it is distracting, driving is a privelege not a right...always remember that a car is a 2000 pound weapon, it can do serious damage

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