Lincoln LS Front Custom Aluminum License Plate Brackets - Still Available?

2005 Lincoln LS V8

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Aug 8, 2016
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Los Angeles
I believe Member Name Hitte Performance was selling a Front Custom Aluminu6m License Plate Brackets for Lincoln LS. Are they still available??
If so, I would like to purchase one.CA requires a front plate Is the price still valid?

Hey, send him a PM if you really want to find out. I can't say for sure if he still makes them or not, I know life gets in the way from time to time for all of us but he'd be your man for those Aluminu6m brackets.

I picked up one up from him as well.

You can find him here;

PM link on the left side.

Be sure to insist on a 5hp sticker from him if you do purchase any Hite Performance products. <shields head from Lee> :p
Sorry, Hite Performance has been shut down for now. Hite Renovations has taken its place, along with a wife, 3 kids, coaching grade level football,on top of a 50hr a week job. I bent my heatshield taking off my K&N to clean. I removed the heatshield and havent made myself a new one yet....that was 2 years ago. Life gets busy and priorities change. My renovation business makes much more $ than a heatshield or two a month. I would be willing to sell my two templates to the right person, not just anyone. The plate brackets are too easy to make.
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... plus the SC on the GT took awhile.... runs great though hite!!!
Hite, I got an 04 LSE that needs renovating, can you fit it in before year end?

SC ???
Ok now that I'm not texting and driving, I meant, elaborate on your SC please.
Did you really add one to the Stang already or just kidding?
what about HP boosting "hite performance" stickers? I came into possession of one of your original heat sheilds. I won't say how though :shifty:
Sorry for the delay... Thanks for getting back to me... I hear you re: Life changes and priorities...
Life used to be interesting... you start getting older it' gets scary!.. lol

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