LED lights install

around here they will pull you over for having blue lights which is bs. so the top half of my car is all xenon white and the bottom is all blue led. it adds for a nice effect at night actually
Might as well put something in this thread too....

LED (2).jpg

LED (5).jpg

LED (4).jpg

LED (3).jpg

Home Made LED Fix (5).jpg

Home Made LED (8).jpg

Blue Gel Filter (2).jpg
Might as well put something in this thread too....

you really should right a walk through on how you did some of those. like the lighter and the button next to it and which filter you used for the message center.

the one i want done the most are the steering wheel buttons
Should be all in my thread....last page


Message center is kinda dark during the day time, I may have to go with a lighter blue. Headlight switch, lighter, defrost button are T10-8 smd's in modified housings to fit in what ever spot I used them in. Soldering iron works wonders with led's.
I getting ready to take everything apart again to make some adjustments so if you need different pic's then I have posted let me know and I'll get some up!
yea ive been through that thread a few times. i didnt see modified housings tho. i guess thats my problem with cigarette lighter is i tried to get one to fit the current housing on it.
Lighter mod'd bulb and housing (factory housing ground on to accept bulb) is pic 1 and 2 post #93
I just ordered LED lights for all interior lighting, dash lights, puddle lights and door panel lights for my 98 LSC. When they arrive ill post before and after photos.

Lights I've purchased:
- T5 3 LED SMD Bulbs for dash x10
- T10 68 LED SMD Bulbs for puddle lights x2
- T10 10 LED SMD Bulbs for some interior lights x10
- 214-2 Dome 41mm 16 LED SMD Light for door panels x2.

Cost is around $20(Canadian) for all the lights.

View attachment 828459893
Dash lights

View attachment 828459894
Puddle lights

View attachment 828459895

View attachment 828459896
Door panels

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are the dash lights a direct install?
Lighter mod'd bulb and housing (factory housing ground on to accept bulb) is pic 1 and 2 post #93

my bad. didnt realize you updated that thread. thanks for sharing the link tot he gels. i grabbed some previously but they turned out to be way to light.
What did it look like before you installed it? The strip I mean.

Pretty much like this:


I don't have it wired into the interior lights yet. It still has a controller box in the console with 2 AA batteries in it. So if I want to turn it on I have to use the control box. I just cut it to fit and used some super glue to fasten it to the inside of the bezel and ran the wires to the inside of the console for the control box.



are the dash lights a direct install?
They are simple you pull the bulb out of the slot and install the t5 bulbs for all instrument cluster bulbs other then the gear selector lights. Those are a smaller bulbs.
Here is what mine looks like now, waiting on the bulbs for my gear selection bulbs:



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