K&N Filter RE-0810


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Mar 26, 2004
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Prescott Valley, Arizona
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K&N Filter RE-0810

I got two when I bought my Ram Air Kit. It is ment for it. But It can also be used in many different applications I believe one of the Mustang CAI use this filter. 1989-95' (Non Fender) maybe some where around there. Will be put on Ebay in a few days, if no offers are taken.

I just cleaned it up and re-oiled it. So, its ready for the next 50K. Lokking brand new. I only have to go spot it and it still needs to dry. So, shipping my be delayed for a day. I do not know how much the filter is brand new. I will have to check into it.


K&N's Universal Air Filters are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of applications including racing vehicles, radio-controlled cars, generators, snowmobiles, tractors, and other applications. Regardless of the angle or offset diameter of the air intake, there is probably a K&N Universal air filter for your equipment. All filters are constructed with ultra-strong molded pliable rubber flanges which absorb vibration and allow for secure attachment and can also be stretched for up to 1/16" (1.5mm) to fit in-between sizes. K&N universal air filters are washable and reusable.

RE-0810 Product Specifications
Product Style: Round Tapered Universal Air Filter
Base Outside Diameter: 6 in (152 mm)
Flange Inside Diameter: 3 in (76 mm)
Flange Length: 1.75 in (44 mm)
Flange Type: Centered
Height: 9 in (229 mm)
Top Outside Diameter: 4.625 in (117 mm)
Top Style: Rubber
Top Material/Finish: None
Filter Re-Oiling Amount: 1.92 oz (57 ml)
Flanges: 1
Weight: 2 lb (0.9 kg)
Product Box Length: 6.25 in (159 mm)
Product Box Width: 6.25 in (159 mm)
Product Box Height: 10.81 in (275 mm)

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