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  1. eric_j

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    Jan 31, 2015
    Bainbridge Island
    After a wreck took out my beater a couple months ago, I've grown tired of crappy rental cars, so I decided to buy another beater to drive until my new car arrives (ordered a couple months ago, but it has a 6-8 month lead time). Luck had it that in the process of finding one this car turned up: A super-low-mileage (26k) 2000 Lincoln LS with meticulous records of all services since day one (everything done at the dealer since new), so it really isn't a beater at all. I'm fairly certain that even the tires are original spec (replaced 5 years ago at 16k miles). This car has seen more fluid changes of every kind in that time than most cars see oil changes in their first 100k. Almost everything in this car works...

    The only problem is that the former owner was elderly and had some mishaps over the years (dings, scratches), so I'll mostly be looking for exterior parts and advice on how to do some repairs.

    Known issues:
    - Driver side power mirror doesn't move left/right. The motor whirs and it gives resistance if you push the mirror and the button simultaneously, so I suspect it simply isn't attached in there. Will need to figure out how to remove and repair it.
    - Auto-dimming interior mirror is broken. I have an OEM replacement, but cannot figure out how to get it off the windshield since the rain sensor is in the way. I'm accustomed to these being attached with set screws. There's a slot that it looks like you slide a screwdriver in, but there's no way to get in there with the sensor in the way.
    - Rear right tail light housing is cracked.
    - Moon roof will not slide back into the roof. It does tilt. It tries to move back, but stops almost immediately after starting. Not sure where to start on this since I've never seen one up close before this car.

    The fact that these are the only things I can find wrong with a 15-year-old car is quite amazing.

  2. dredso3

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    Aug 3, 2016

    Hi eric_j,

    This sounds like a driver side mirror power motor issue.

    It’s Very Easy to Install on a 2009 mkS 3.7L.

    I was able to install the OEM heated driver side mirror power motor in under 25 minutes on a 2009 Lincoln mkS 3.7L, shown here (). The bezel contains only three screws and it does not seem it will easily break.

    A replacement heated side mirror motor that works for both sides goes for about $59 on Amazon (https://amzn.to/30XNUeH).

  3. AmsterDutch

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    Jul 9, 2017
    I'm going to be waiting in anticipation to hear comments about the moon roof ...the 2002 LSE I just purchased has moon roof issues also...you came to the right place though.. tons of knowledge on this forum and by the way nice find on the LS can't beat those miles and service record !
  4. joegr

    joegr Dedicated LVC Member

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    Dec 10, 2005
    That post is over four years old. You're probably not going to hear much now...

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