June 7th LA meet with pictures


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Aug 23, 2005
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Long Beach
So anyways, we had another meeting going on in LA area. Some Kleen LSs showed up.

Here are some pictures that I have.



lol, i second the motion. j/k man. we were on the lookout for your Element but never arrived
It was sweet hoe evryone who drove in to parking lot was checking our rides out.

Sorry guys!

Last night I had a launch party in Hollywood, and I didn't get in until about 4 in the morning. Business :q:q:q:q kept me from coming when I woke up.
ok well i was gonna pm you but you have that blocked :confused: anyway you should check out the midwest chapter there is rich's beach party lvc meet next month in boscobel wisc

i didnt even know i had it blocked, ill change it.
Im new to this site with an account but i wud browse the forums, but i was wondering when could you guys plan another car meet. because i was gonna show to the one in malibu. but i got off work at 12 and there would of been no possible way for me to get out there by one, because i live out in the OC area. so i would like to kno the next time youg uys would like to do another meet. because i would love to show my car.
Sorry to hear about that Dubbed. We ended up meeting at 1:00 pm. Then we hung out for about 1.5 hours and stared our cruise back to the Santa Monica. I was home by 4:30.
another meet would be great. i would love for at least 7 cars to show up though
Well whenever there is another one. i'm for sure coming. im gonna get some pics up of my car. but until the meantime u can check it out on the cardomain,

has this username also


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