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May 31, 2021
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Temple Texas
What's up my beautiful lincoln people, does anyone know how to get ahold of Jay directly? I've been trying to buy an HID kit for my Mark Viii. I've messaged him both on here and emailed him to no avail. I look forward to your response, thanks.

As far as the sealing of the headlight housings go, might try and fabricate custom boxes, as the canbus of the LEDs won't fit into the factory ones. I've sealed mine with duct tape temporarily and it seems to be keeping moisture out just fine.
LED's were a long time coming as figuring it out for the best light output. If you scrol to the second half of this articles post, you can see what I did. I do occasionally have some moisture in the housings, but they air out pretty quick. I'm done with any more mods to these LED's.

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