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Mar 26, 2004
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Oklahoma City
just bought a 2003 Jag S-type with 44,500 miles and 9 months left on Factory Warranty. I want to get an extended warranty, based on the many problems I find in these forums. I have done considerable research and narrowed down my choices, however, there is one warranty site which I can't seem to find any additional info - good or bad. Has anyone in this forum heard of or dealt with:

They offer two types of Extended Warranty for Jags - one is EasyCare, which uses equivalent parts - then they also offer Jaguar ExtraMile, which uses only Jaguar parts. Both offer 3 year or 5 year, 100,000 miles contract with $0 deductible or $100 deductible. The Jaguar ExtraMile appears to be very much like the Jaguar extended coverage offered at the time of original purchase. This is offered by Bergen Jaguar in Paramus, New Jersey. Any information or comments about this warranty would be appreciated.

For the record, the others I am considering are WarranyDirect and WarrantyWarehouse.

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