Jag rear upper control arms

(2005 LS Sport)
I recently replaced all my arms except for the front lowers;
Can confirm, felt like a crazy person trying to confirm cross-references for each one.

I ended up going the (mostly) used, ebay route, which worked out rather well - just had to pick through the ones that had shot bushings to find some in good shape, and ask a few sellers, making sure to verify condition if it was hard to tell in the pictures.

AJ is - of course - correct on the upper arms;

Here is some info I have on hand in front of me - I have a fairly complete list of Ford, Lemforder, Delphi, Jaguar & interchange parts, maybe I will try to clean up and share. (All the info is reasonably easy to find, but it's true, it's a massive PITA and time sink to confirm any of the possible changes/sizes)

Lemforders were slightly more expensive @ approx $70 ea as they were new, and the rest were between $40-$60 each, all with really good looking bushings and such. Total cost approx $350 shipped. All sized up exactly. Massive improvement in ride quality and handling, as mine were very worn from living in a salty winter wonderland riddled with potholes.

Front Left Upper:
  - Part: Lemforder 30631-01

Front Right Upper:
  - Part: Lemforder 30632-01

Rear Right Upper:
  - Donor: 2010-2019 Jaguar XJ

Rear Right Lower:
  - Part: C2D42387
  - Donor: 2009-2015 Jaguar XF

Rear Left Upper:
  - Donor: 2010-2019 Jaguar XJ

Rear Left Lower:
  - Part: C2D42388
  - Donor: 2009-2015 Jaguar XF
rear lowers on 05+ jag models need washers to make up the gap

if you buy used go look for the ones with black ball joint boots
So it looks like this alleuro.com: LEMFORDER Rear Left Lower Suspension Control Arm C2P16879 39709 01 should work without needing washers, yea? Why would Lemforder make 2 different part #s for the exact same fitment?? alleuro.com: LEMFORDER Rear Left Lower Suspension Control Arm C2D42388 39856 01

Any experience with this site?
It's more than I want to spend, was hoping to have a shop press in the bushings...but oh well.

Recommendations for replacement coilovers (strut/spring pre-assembled) that will maintain stock ride height & work to correct this camber?
+1 on black boots; most of the “natural” rubber colored ones I saw were already torn anyways.

Honestly give used a shot if you’re on a budget, I was able to get a couple that only had like 2k miles on them. I only paid about 1k for the car, and while I’ve put more into it than that to bring it up to par and add some fun things to it, if suspension was going to cost the same as I paid for the whole shebang, I’d have just waited for a new car. The F-type R is calling me..

I’d have to double check to confirm, but I don’t recall having to add any washers, I believe the width of the bushing sleeve mount points were all exactly the same as the original

Folks seem to like fcpeuro.com also; I nearly bought some from them before finding the used ones

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