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Aug 15, 2005
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I am a new member. I am 15 and am trying to convince my mom to buy a gold 2003 LS V8 Sport. I have always been obsessed with ford and ford products. She needs a new car and in my opionion it is a great deal, what do yall think. The dealership is asking $22,985 and it has around 48,000 miles. Do you think it has too many miles?
There is also a white 2005 LS V8 Sport for $26,995 with 13,700 miles.
which do you think is a better deal?? please help me to convince her :feedback
Tell her that she is getting a $40,000 car for $27,000 like new. And that $4,000 differents between 03 and 05 is a sh!t load. If she gets the 03 shes not using her head its right there you get the better deal on the 05 easy no agument in my opinion.
Just based on the remaining warranty Iwould recommend the 05. The warranty on the ls is 4/40k miles and she wouldget a free loaner car when she takes it in for service plus roadside assistance is free for the duratio of the warranty.

As far as iit being a good deal. I would check to se if the vi comes up clean and check to see if the car you are looking at with the options comes close to what you are paying.
For an example, I bought my 03' sport with 25,000 miles on it 5 months ago for $22, the 03' you're looking at sounds a bit high. Good luck!

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