Is my 1990 Jack correct ?


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Aug 29, 2005
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
As they say in the South

"that just don't look RIGHT to me boys"




I was jacking up the Lincoln to get underneath and install that F#@&ing height sensor back on it's studs and decided to try the Lincoln jack to make sure it worked.

Well that just don't seem right to me at all ! There doesn't appear to be any bends in it, but I just don't like what I see !

Is this normal !?!?!?

No it is not normal, i always use a floor jack when i have to jack up my Town Car.
That is really weird... Its supposed to go straight up and down... Those jacks tend to skin your knuckles and give you blisters anyways, I always hated them. I got a mini floor jack to keep with me
These HOTTIES are dead on hun!!! throw that in the trash, but dismantel it first so it does not get used!!!!! it might be able to get it up....but for how long..?????...!!!!!!
So the consensus is that it is baffed eh ?

I'll grab anudder from the junkyard next time I'm out. I do have a floor jack, but I wanted to try the jack to see if I could re-attach the height sensor should it every come off on me again far from home.

Don't worry I used my floor jack and safety stand when I stuck my melon under there.

Thanks for the definative replys

I have had to use two jacks to change a flat tire before, and that is because of the air ride system.
The tire was flat and i had to jack up the body of the car to get the axle up enough to change the tire, the rear end was on the ground.
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pepperman said:
I have had to use two jacks to change a flat tire before, and that is because of the air ride system.
shoulda flipped tha airbag switch haha

i learned that tha hard way, id jack tha damnt own car up and tha wheele would never leave tha ground, finally i realize i should turn off tha airbags haha

i felt dumb now i kno!

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