Is 1997 Mark VIII Potentiometer same as LS


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Feb 1, 2023
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Ocklawaha FL
A parts seller on Ebay said I could use LS potentiometer for my 1997 MarkVIII steering column. But I don't see that anywhere else.
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The whole steering column is the same with the exception of the U joint that connects to the rack input shaft, LS has something else. I used a LS clock spring in my Mark VIII, though I had to change the plug for the air bag. Air bag light is gone.
Wait seriously!!?? You can use the potentiometer from an LS to get the steering adjustable again??
Very possible I did not check part numbers on the pot itself, but from what I have seen, the adjustability part of the steering column appears to be identical. Do check it out yourself.
I've never seen an LS in the wild let alone see if the column is the same, I wish there was a universal master list of cars that share parts and vice versa like for all we know that specific potentiometer could be used in new Lincolns or something

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