I might have a head gasket leak....


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Nov 29, 2012
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Niagara Falls
Well, I own 3 Panthers (two Mercurys, and one Lincoln) and I didn't want to post this in the Lincoln forums, so here goes.
This is my 93 Grand Marquis. It's my daily driver/winter beater. It was, until I started it last week and kinda made some funny clanking noises. Like someone threw a wrench into the oil pan.
Here is the result:

So it's eating coolant like a champ. The good thing, is the 06 CVPI motor that's been sitting in the garage while I powder coat parts for it. But before it goes in, I'm going to swap blocks. I'm dropping the iron block (153lbs) for an aluminum block (79 lbs). A weigh reduction like that is welcomed by my means!
The Tank bit it. - YouTube

So, essentially, my winter beater died and became my winter build. Odd.
On the plus side, it should have a sold +50hp by the time it rolls out.

-ryan s.

(btw auto-embed rocks!!)

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