I like the article but im definitely NOT a electric vehicle man. IMHO i dont think theyll ever phase out gas completely. Until we really run out of oil. Electric vehicles are going to have to get alot cheaper for everyone to be able to afford them. Unless we have another cash for clunkers deal lol when the time comes.
ford at least seems to be on the electric ball more than the other domestics.
everyones realizing you pivot now or you may not be there in a decade.
horsepower is nothing for electrics, as their are no emissions to meet.
chrysler new ad campaign even stating 2023 is the end of the hemi insanity.
get yours now before they're gone.
we'll see what names survive the next decade.
Gas isn't going away anytime soon, hybrids will be a thing for a very long time, as will full gas powered cars, but electric will replace more and more gas vehicles and electric will move heavily into the luxury and performance segment, as its been.

eg Who wouldn't want a large luxury AWD Cadillac with 1,000 lb⋅ft of torque at 1rpm?

Also look for electric, especially hybrid, to start creeping its way into the diesel/shipping market. A semitruck with a diesel and electric motor(s) just makes sense. Lower emissions and better fuel economy.

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