How to replace door handle ?


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Apr 8, 2011
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Hi guys, i tried to search everywhere on how but i can't seem to find any info so i decided to make a post.

Both of my front inside door handles snapped, don't really know how. But i had an idea to try and swap the back door handle with the front ones since rarely do people sit in the back. I noticed the handles are identical as long as they are from the same side as in left sides are the same, and right sides are the same, but when i took the door panel off and was looking for the door handles bolts or something i noticed it had some weird metal screw. It goes through like a regular bolt, but is then split down the middle into 3 pieces after is goes through, its hard to explain i might be able to post a pic of it. Am i supposed to break these to remove door handle? if i do then how do i put it back?

I've read other people have already had the same problem so there has to be somebody that know's what im talking about.
Thank you!

PS: it's for a 00'ls if it matters
^x2 wondering as well how that is done

i believe its called a rivet that holds them in? not sure havent looked at it too closley...
I haven't replaced mine, but I believe they're a species of pop rivets. If you don't do pop rivets, it should be easy enough to use sheet-metal screws.

pop rivets. i just drilled them out and replaced them with a dollars worth of nuts and bolts from the local hardware store.
+1. I just replaced my drivers inside handle a few weeks ago. I drilled the old rivets out, and used stainless steel bolts/washers/lock washers/nuts from the local hardware store. I brought the new handle in with me to determine the proper length for the bolts.

The only thing I didn't do was use any loc tite on the threads.
ohh okay,ill be heading over to the hardware store in a bit. Thank you.
where can i order a new inside drivers door handle? mine just snapped in half!!
mine just did as well.. Part number is yw4z-5421819-aa.. Buy from Ford they are cheaper than ebay. Lowest oem i have seen them was 51.27.
I am having the same problem although my door opens from the outside but not from the inside. I have removed the door panels and am looking at all the parts. The handle itself appears not to be broke. how do you know which part is broke??? the handle still moves the wire attached to the locking mechanism.
Mine did too. But it does not move the cable far enough to engage the mechanism
Bumping this thread...

Well it happened to me now, The door handle (front driver side) is broken. It will open from outside but not from inside. I looked at the bottom of the door handle and found out the little plastic piece that helps to engage (pull) the cable had broken off. I found a trick to open the door from inside, you have to push the lock/unlock lever with your thumb, the same time you pulling the door handle, this will open the door. I did some price checking and saw that the cost ranges $50 to $60 but the PITA is that rivet. I guess I will drill the :q:q:q:q:q:q:q rivet so I can replace it with screw and bolt. I will post pics later when I do it.

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