How do you feel about Biden NOW?

How convenient for you. The guy you're going to vote for again tried to steal a fair election in the courts, when all the lawsuits where thrown out for the nonsense they were, he staged a deadly insurrection and failed coup. But "meh".
And we were doing so good!

Remember... I have not commented on Jan 6th. Nor have I commented on any candidate "alignments".

I stand corrected. I do believe I mentioned Rand Paul, and Ron Desantis.

Not necessarily in that order... but I do like like how Rand Paul held Fauci's "feet to the fire" about Covid.

Face it... there was no "wet market" in China. There was no "asteroid" that brought Covid upon us.

It was an intentional "lab leak"... to control (kill off) the population of the world.

Once you realize and accept that... maybe you can find peace that other factions are in control of something you have no control over.

My main concern is that my son, (and his half sister) survive this lunacy... and don't have to deal with something brought on by corrupt "global" politicians... that only care if they and their families survive.
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Something else you may not realize... is that robots have replaced UAW workers since 2006.

The UAW workforce is not what it used to be.

There have been a lot of layoffs over the years.
That doesn't even begin to account for all the girls in the U.S. that are kidnapped and sold into the "sex trade".:mad:

There is a place not too far from me, that rescues girls from that abuse, and rehabilitates them to be introduced back into a normal lifestyle.
You're welcome Bubba14.;)
Thank You for posting the Cruz video.
New record for illegal crossings set in September- 260,000 in one month! Yet that Democratic squad member Pressley sits in front of a mike on MSNBC (imagine that) and says that the border is secure multiple times, repeating the BIG LIE that the left keeps spouting.
Elon Musk went to Eagle Pass and live-streamed what was going on. They are not coming here to clean toilets or pick grapes for Pelosi and Newsome.
Lax immigration policies are already playing out to bad outcomes in Sweden and other parts of Europe. We will be next. They, for the most part, will not assimilate and, like in Europe, will live in parallel societies within this country. We will become balkanized.
No, Dude, this not some fantasy rant from a Trumper, rightist or Ultra Maga nut. This is coming from an American citizen who is worried about the country my children and grandchildren will have to live in.
Biden answer is to give immigrants a phone and text. They will then receive a code... and wait.

In the mean time, the children are vulnerable to getting picked up (abducted)... And sold off to the highest bidder.

Sadly... most of the young girls are getting "sold" into the sex trade.

While I am not happy about the migrant border issue... I am outraged about the helpless kids that have no one to protect them.

What if it were YOUR son or daughter that had to "go it alone" ... DUDE (or niece or nephew)???
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