How do you feel about Biden NOW?

Parkinsons would explain everything. And just because the WH dispells it... doesn't mean you are telling the truth.

Now you're flipping back and forth between Joe Biden having Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.

Maybe if you pray hard enough, he'll get them both?
Again. Bill Clinton isn't running, no one is voting for him...

Deflected from your hero Trump again, as expected.
Lesson??? There's all kinds of rich people and self serving political scum on this earth.

JB mentioned "The Almighty" during one of his speeches.

I hope he is sincere about that!

I'm not gonna try to be judge and jury... but there is a fine line between Heaven and hell, and I'm pretty sure Epstein isn't happy where he is at.
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Odd how Epstein killed himself with guards in the adjacent room... and nobody heard a sound from Epstein's cell.


On that we can 100% agree on, Epstein's (alleged) suicide is highly suspicious. Epstein was also killed under Donald Trump's DOJ watch. Hmmm... indeed.
Watching Biden address questions from the news media.

He's been talking about having "talks" with both Russia and China.

At some time previous to this, (a week or so back) Biden said he wouldn't step down unless "The Almighty" told him to.

Seems Biden needs a "good" spiritual advisor. Russia and China are known as Gog and Magog in the Bible.... Two countries that end up attacking Israel.
Did Biden really call Harris Trump at the begining of the press conference??? :eek:

And Zelenski Putin. :(

Biden does make obvious name errors. He also speaks slower than he used to and his lifelong stutter doesn't help. He's also 81.

Trump confuses names, makes up names that aren't real and says absolute gibberish at times, has for a long time:

Many of these foul ups were done while he was reading off a teleprompter as well, so all he had to do with repeat:

Yet another example how Biden's expected to be perfect 100% of the time, while Trump gets a free pass.
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