Highest Mileage LS V8?


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May 4, 2008
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My 02 LS Sport V8 is at 258k miles. Its parked a lot now due to another car I have. Just wondering who has the Highest Mileage LS V8. With the Original Engine?

I don't think mine is. I was just wondering how far they can go?
My '02 LSE is almost hitting the double century mark. I think I have about 2500 miles to go, still running flawless and has been a great car to me.

Now I just jinxed myself ha!
I've got 259000 on my 2001 v8 and my baby is still running like a scalded dog. One that get beat so every now and then she has a break down and refuses to move or causes me unexplainable mischief from time to time but still, a scalded dog.
I have 188k on my 2000. Just did the timing chains and tensioners but everything else is original
There's a few hovering around the 300 mark. Milehighmikey has over 300 if im not mistaken, if he still has it. Hyelifels was up there too. I didn't driven mine for a year as I debated fixing the trans (solenoid) but ended up selling it early this year. It had 270K on it. Rust was the enemy, not engine wear. It was a warranty replacement engine from around the 40K mark, but the last oil analysis showed the engine to be just fine, and I even used to run a 125 shot of spray on it.
I think I might qualify for lowest miles, less than 65k on my 2001. But I could never prove it cause the junkyard cluster I put in years ago has 110k. :)

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